F is for Freddy

Freddie000 As most of you know, I never travel without my entire suitcase full of camera gear....and my trip home to Scotland last month was no exception. I definitely need to rethink my longhaul camera travels though as I cannot physically lift my camera bag above my shoulders so (blush) always end up finding some strong gent on each flight to take care of the overhead locker. I think it may be time for me to seek a camera backpack solution :-/ But its always worth it!

Meet adorable wee Freddy. My good friends Laura and Stevie  had their 'honeymoon baby' three months back and I was lucky enough to photograph his first portrait while I was home visiting. What an adorable little boy, super easy to photograph and lots of super cute wee expressions. Not only that, loves to go shopping with the girls and sleeps when its time for the ladies to lunch :) What more could a new mummy ask for :) Congrats again guys, hes just georgeous!! Kirsty xo


More Scotland photo treats coming soon, a 'brigadoon engagement', shots from glasgow and edinburgh and my scottish food photo diary :)