Foster Farm Chickens get the Dove Treatment posted by Kirsty Edwards

I have to say, I do not spend hours looking for the coolest and latest video's online. If someone posts or emails me a cool link, I'll check it out when I get a chance.

I was chatting with another photographer over the weekend about the dove commerical and my husband mentioned that they had done as we call it in Scotland, 'a piss take' of the commercial but with the famous Foster Farm Chickens, so I just checked it out. I was cracking up so much, I just had to blog about it, SO FUNNY!!!

I posted the original Dove Ad, for anyone that has not seen it yet.

I think Dove did a great job with this ad in terms of the beauty campaign reality and documenting behind the scenes. I also thought it was a creative, effective and beautifully edited short.

Posted by Kirsty Edwards