Happy 1st Birthday Lilah|San Mateo Portrait Photographer|Kirsty Edwards Photography

This little Burlingame CutiePie turned ONE! last week and today was her party at Ryder Park in San Mateo. A very special birthday/milestone for every little person, mom and dad decided to combine coverage of her birthday party with a short portrait session :-) Lilah was joined by lots of friends who sang happy birthday and devoured 'homemade' cupcakes by Mom. As you can see Lilah was a big fan of the frosting :) There were way too many cute kids at the party to share with you so I kept the sneak peeks just to Lilah. She honestly has friends, it wasnt just Mom, Dad and I celebrating, I promise :) The maracas in the party bag I might add were a huge hit. My kids enjoyed trying to munch them when I returned home :)Please Enjoy!