Happy Birthday Mia|My niece turns TWO|Kirsty Edwards Photography

MiaBlog000HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my adorable wee niece Mia. I cannot believe she is two already!! On a recent family trip to Disney World (a fabulous christmas gift from my parents) I got to spend time with all my family and my niece and nephews, all four of them. Both my siblings have 2 kiddies, my sister has Adam who is Mia's big bro, he is 7. My brother has Rachel, who is 5 and she has a 6 month old new brother Ross. All with their own little personalities, it was alot of fun getting to hang out with all of them for 2 weeks. These shots of Mia and Minnie were from our trip. Soooo cute! She even had her minnie dress on, Minnies signature dots must have been at the laundrette :)

Its amazing how much they change from baby to toddler, you can see for yourself in the pictures.

Mia, I hope you have an AMAZING Birthday Party today with all your little friends and big family.

Lots of love

Auntie Kirsty + Uncle Stephen xo

PS I had much fun teaching Little Miss Mia how to dance, CLICK HERE to see a video of her practicing her MOONWALK HANDS :)