Happy Earth Day|Kirsty Edwards Photography|Arnold Schwarzenegger|Times Square

EarthDay2010_ArnoldSchwarzeneggerI hope you are all taking the time to do something green today! :) Last year Jake and I had the pleasure of photographing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dr Wangari Maathai, the founder of the Green Belt Movement as they planted trees as part of Shaklee A Million Trees, A Million Dreams program.

I was excited to hear later that one of my images from Earth Day had appeared in Time Square (above) :)

Kirsty Edwards Photography loves being green by

Biking or walking to the office Using Zipcar carshare to weddings and photo shoots where needed As a studio, I compost and recycle - at home too :) Online proofing gallery hosting and paperless transactions

I am also a huge fan of reusing tote and green bags I receive at trade shows for grocery shopping :-)

Have a great Earth Day Everyone xo