Merlinda + Carlos|Star of the Sea Church Wedding|South San Francisco Courtyard Marriott Weddings|Kirsty Edwards Photography

CM002I just could not RESIST posting some SNEAK PEAK images from Merlinda and Carlos's Wedding this weekend. You will see below why :) After a beautiful traditional ceremony at Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco, a beautiful Dove Release then a super quick stop by the Legion of Honor for pictures, we headed back down to South San Francisco to take that and party. When I read Carlos's MUST HAVE photo list and highlighted on their was 'Groom taking a shot with the boys' I thought NICE!! That will be fun, little did I know what the boys had in store for their newlywed friend. CROWD SURFING USA!! I feared for my toes during this celebration, Jake and I jumped and snapped, jumped and snapped, whilst trying not to be stamped upon. AWESOME!! I thought to myself, that was way more fun than taking shots with the boys UNTIL I downloaded the images yesterday and the evening all became clear.....little did we know as we held our cameras and high and hoped for the best, there were SHOTS, patron shots followed by BEER bombing compliments of the boys MID AIR!! LMAO!! I am sorry Carlos, I just had to post some to I am sure this is a blurry memory :)

Please enjoy! and thank you for letting me capture your special day, you guys are AWESOME!!

I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness and patron shots and beer bombs together xo

Kirsty xo