P is for 'Phoenix'

Yesterday was baby lady day! I had two super cutie sessions yesterday, wee Caroline who I will be posting piccys of real soon! only 6 weeks old, total heartbreaker! and my good friend Linh's little lady Phoenix yesterday afternoon......I photographed her son, Quyhn when he was a bubba too and they are so alike! She is so smiley, I love visiting her for cuddles. Her first noooooooody shoot too, go girl, how cute is she!!! I can totally see her advertising lolly pops rattles :) As you can see we had lots of fun with wardrobe changes :)

Thanks for pro-creating beauties Linh and Paul :D


Kirsty xo

I love this one as we lose the pillow from under her :) peekaboo!

How can you not love this smile!