Past To Present Series

As you have probably noticed by now, there is always a story or a concept behind everyone of our subjects. I like to story tell :)

On a recent album project, for my parents 40th Wedding anniversary, I had the pleasure of going through all their old films and polaroids for this amazing occasion. Something I always loved doing as a child and being able to record all these moments in a coffee table book was a real honor.

So, with that and the recent announcement that Polaroid is getting out of the Polaroid business, I decided to do a series of images from our family history.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of my sister, when she was around the age of one. I believe my mum took this picture as the rest of the film, was of my dad and great grandparents so I can only assume, my mum was the photographer on this one.

So from old to new, I took this shot as inspiration for this beautiful shot of Ashley. She was an amazing model and had the same beautiful blonde looks of my sister when she was little.

I then worked the image in photoshop to give it that aged polaroid look.

Check back soon, there will be a series of images coming every month.

Enjoy! :)