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PaBlog001 Last weekend I headed to Scotland to photograph Paul and Arlenes Wedding Day at the Piersland House Hotel in Troon. For those of you who read my engagement post a few months back, you will remember this was a family affair. Paul is my favorite big cousin and I was really honored to be asked to capture their wedding day. Arlene looked absolutely stunning, as did all the ladies and the weather was great!!! Brought back memories, my husband and I had our wedding reception at this same location :-) I joked earlier about finding out what's really under a mans kilt but I really did find out who was a true scotsmen, cheeky shots included.... :) :o

My mum made Paul and Arlenes beautiful Wedding Cake, featured below, which in Scotland you get to cut with a huge sword which is pretty awesome, not to mention slightly dangerous :) They also had a personalised ice cream cart, flavors included Jammy Dodger and Honeycomb, and personalised wafers with their name and wedding dates on YUM!!! and during cocktail hour my uncle hired a caricature artist to sketch all the guests and he was AMAZING!!! naturally I had to have one too :) watch this space, I will post my lovely portrait soon!!

Congratulations to my lovely cousin and his new Mrs!!! I hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon in New York, here are a few of my favorites, please enjoy!

Kirsty xo

PaBlog002 PaBlog003 How CUTE is this shot!! PaBlog004 PaBlog005 PaBlog006 PaBlog007 PaBlog008 PaBlog009 PaBlog010 Cheeky :) PaBlog011 PaBlog012 PaBlog013