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I'm not sure where to start telling you all about Sofie+Bobbys beautiful wedding day at the stunning Eldorado Kitchen, Sonoma. I approach every wedding with the same excitement and passion of my 1st wedding, I truly do ❤ my job and S+B's Big Day was no exception - from the minute they stopped by the studio and I heard all the details I knew we were the perfect match and it wasn't long until their big day arrived! Sofie is from Denmark and it was a pleasure to see lots of close family and friends making the trip over the water to celebrate and witness this joyous occasion. It was a lot of fun photographing the joining of cultures and witnessing how they incorporated the danish traditions into their celebations. You will all be familiar with the tapping of glasses for the Bride and Groom to kiss but in Denmark if your guests stamp their feet the couple must crawl under the table for a smooch! Super Cute! and if the Groom leaves the top table all the men line up to kiss the Bride and vice versa. Many speeches and a good old danish singalong for the couple (which was sang to the tune of Auld Lang Syne) so I could hum along :-) came the first dance. Which was kinda cool - not only did the couple dance and the guests surround them, the groom was then flung in the air, his shoes pulled off him and get this, the toes of his socks cut off?!! Hilarious!! thankfully Sofie gave me a heads up beforehand to let me know there would be a stampede and some toe action :) The nite ended with Bobbys friends gifting him a painting of a 'huge cock' (his words not mine ;-) oh and a surprise speech from his boss at the end of dinner promoting him to VP!! Huge Congrats to Bobby....

Sofie you were an absolutely stunning Bride and you make such a handsome couple! I had so much photographing your engagement and wedding day and all the little details that made your day special. Please enjoy some of my favorites!!

Lots of Love

Kirsty xo

Hair and Make Up - Betten Chaston who was fantastic and an absolute pleasure to work with xo