Trash 'Kirstys' Dress Shoot posted by Kirsty Edwards

Its really popular right now for photographers to offer a 'trash the dress' session to Brides after their wedding day. Its an awesome way to get some really fantastic creative shots, that perhaps you didnt have time to do on your wedding day or just for fun. Lets face it, it really does get worn once and hangs in the closet all lonely. Personally, Im saving mine in the hope that I one day have a daughter who might want to wear it for her wedding day. LOL Check back in 20 odd years to see if that dream comes true.

I decided to mix up the 'trash the dress' theme and let my model have that pleasure. I already trashed my dress previously at the famous Folsom Street Fair where I walked the leather filled naked fair dressed as a Bride.

I'd love to post the shots from that, once I get my talented photog friend's permission to show them off. Watch this space.

In the meantime, here are some of the shots with Ashley. These were shot the same day, we did the past to present series and I've been too busy to get them up on here.

Hope you enjoy!!!