Welcome to the world|Shea and Mirren|Kirsty Edwards Photography

BlogSheaBlogMirren On 2.1.11 these two amazing little people rocked my world. 10 weeks early, they definitely were a surprise arrival and it took us 5 days to give them their names. My water broke prematurely at 27 weeks and I spent 3 and half weeks in the hospital where I was to stay until they arrived (due date in April) After a late nite online scrabble game with my husband where 'daddy' and 'mum' were played on the board, hello contractions! after a false alarm the previous Thursday I knew this was the real deal. The game plan was to try and halt the contractions so a non alarming text to my husband at 3am asking him to come over to labor and delivery led to a very laid back ok, i got time for a shower and a cup of tea. By 4am the carebears were on the road to the big world, when we called to ask him if he was here. I'm still at home, get your a** over here! Thankfully it took 45 mins to prep me for an emergency section as Shea was breach and Daddy made it running around the hallways with literally 2 minutes to spare. At 5:06am and 5:08am our carebears were born, screaming like kittens and Shea weighed only 2 pounds 15 and Mirren 2 pounds 12.

They are a week old today and amazing their nurses in the NICU with their progress and as I look back at last weeks pictures, its crazy how much they have changed. Today I will definitely be heading over to see them armed with my camera :-) Everyday is a milestone and their strength and courage never ceases to amaze me, I'm still in shock these little characters grew inside me and I cant wait to take them home.

Huge thanks to all the doctors and nurses at the NICU Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital for looking after me and continuing to look after Shea and Mirren xo

Also a huge thanks to all my wedding clients whose continued support and patience is really appreciated xo