Happy 100TH Birthday Lala

Today is Grandmother Lala's 100th BIRTHDAY!!! Congratulations on such a wonderful birthday!!

Lala is my boxing partner and gal pal Danielle's GRANDMA!! When Danielle told me her Grandma was turning 100, I didn't hesitate in offering a portrait session of this very special occasion, not to mention a chance to meet this special lady!! What a sweetie she was, surrounded by lots of family and birthday wishes, smiles were all around. She even put on her lipstick for the pictures!! FANTASTIC!! and blew out every candle herself :)

Thanks so much for letting me celebrate in this HUGE BIRTHDAY celebration.

In Scotland, turning 100 gets you a letter from the QUEEN :)


Here are just a few of my favorites

Kirsty xo

Blowing out the candles!

Opening her birthday cards, a couple of duplicates perhaps, how many 100 birthday cards do hallmark have? :)

Birthday Smiles

I love this ones, its super cute and cuddly :)