Sam + Collin-Garden Court Hotel Weddings-Palo Alto Wedding Photography-Kirsty Edwards Photography

Sam and Collin will forever remain in my heart as one of the sweetest and most loving couples I have ever had the pleasure of working with and TODAY is their first wedding anniversary. YUP, it has taken me a year to finally blog this gorgeous wedding. I will let the pictures speak for themselves showcasing this beautifully planned wedding and let you enjoy a excerpt from the Bride's blog. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! xo

Choosing our photographer was no easy task. When we were looking for photographers for our big day, we looked through dozens of websites and portfolios. There are plenty of good photographers out there, but we didn’t want a good one – we wanted a perfect one, nothing but the best, sheer perfection. We were willing to skimp on other aspects of the wedding if the photos were worth it (luckily, we didn’t end up needing to make a choice). We wanted to have photos that we would be proud to show our children, our grandchildren, our family and friends. We wanted to be able to relive the day through photographs, experience the emotions all over again. Yet even after all of these impossibly high expectations were set, when we saw Kirsty’s photo blog, we were stunned. She appeared to be everything we wanted for our wedding. When you look at her blog, you don’t just see beautiful scenery, or a fancy camera, or cute poses. You feel as if you’re there with the subjects, feeling what they’re feeling, experiencing what they’re experiencing. Her photos tell amazing stories – they are absolutely indescribable.

However, not only is Kirsty a fantastic photographer, an expert in her field, but she is also a wonderful person with whom to work. Most of the time, when you meet someone who is so well-respected and such a professional, a bit of snobbery tends to come with the territory. Not with Kirsty. We enjoyed every minute spent with her, and we would do it all over again if we could. I don’t think we could recommend someone more highly than her.

You can read Sam's entire blog post HERE including tips on how to pick your wedding photographer here. She is not only gorgeous but also a super talented writer! :)